The influence of salina landscape structures on terrestrial bird distribution in the Guérande basin (Northwestern France)


Capsule: The salinas of the Guérande basin show highly fragmented landscapes that significantly structure the distribution of terrestrial birds. Aim: To test the potential influence of landscape structures of a fragmented landscape on the distribution of terrestrial birds. Methods: The salinas were mapped using a Geographical Information System and landscape metrics were calculated to quantify landscape structures. Birds were surveyed with a point count method. Multivariate analyses and multiple linear regressions were used to test for potential links between landscape metrics and bird distribution. Results: The landscape structures of the salinas influenced bird assemblages significantly. The core of the salinas, with more-fragmented and less-diverse landscapes, contained the lowest abundance, richness and diversity of birds, but this assemblage tended to be homogeneous and distinct. Bird abundance, richness and diversity mainly increased with landscape richness and diversity, the terrestrial area available and the proximity to the continental domain. Conclusion: This study is the first to demonstrate and quantify the influence of salina landscape structures on terrestrial bird assemblages.

Bird Study
Christophe Dominik
Christophe Dominik
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include landscape ecology, pollination ecology, biological control, gut microbiome, and agroecology.