Land-use intensification is a major threat to biodiversity, affecting natural pest control and pollination services. While impacts at community levels are well documented, we focus on a mechanistic understanding of pathways impacting the health of beneficial arthropods. With field experiments, we will (1) test the effects of resource availability, landscape structure and pesticide application on the gut microbiome of pollinators (bumblebees), biocontrol agents (ground beetles) and pest species (pollen beetle) as a proxy for organismic health, and (2) identify the subsequent impact on performance (colony performance of bumblebees, abundances of carabids). With our interdisciplinary team, we seek to support healthy beneficial insect populations for sustainable agricultural landscapes, with high relevance for the EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy and Nature Restoration Plan in general.


UFZ and iDiv Support funds 2021

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Christophe Dominik
Christophe Dominik
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include landscape ecology, pollination ecology, biological control, gut microbiome, and agroecology.